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Our company’s core industry specific knowledge along with our Oracle ecosystem knowledge has helped businesses transform their companies from the inside out.

We leverage advisory, consulting, and our oAppsNET platform of products and managed services to help transform your organization. With customer satisfaction as our primary driver, we have helped global Fortune 50 companies to North America 10(+) million clients realize a successful transformation utilizing Oracle solutions along with our oAppsNET platform of products.

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OAN Accounts Payable Automation

OAN accounts payable automation application provides a workspace where people, processes, and technology come together. Technology is used to build a process that balances automation with data quality control which empowers people to focus their efforts on the areas which require attention and improvement.

Accounts Payable Reconciliation

OAN Accounts Payable Reconciliation

Account Payable  Reconciliation involves a meticulous comparison and alignment of a company’s financial records with those provided by its vendors. The primary goal is to ensure accuracy, identify discrepancies, and foster healthy and transparent relationships with vendors.

Speed up cash application with accounts receivable automation.

Instantly and accurately apply customer payments to invoices and reduce unapplied cash. Introducing the OAN Cash application – revolutionizing cash payment processing with unmatched efficiency. Our platform simplifies tasks, automates workflows, and ensures timely payments, all while seamlessly integrating with existing ERP systems.

Experience streamlined operations without the hassle of upgrades – switch to OAN Cash Application today.
OAN Cash Application

Future-Proof Your Content Management: The oAppsNet Advantage Post Oracle CMS Sunset

oAppsNET has you covered with two comprehensive offerings designed to seamlessly address the void left by the discontinuation of OCMCS. Our platform’s user-friendly interface and versatile functionalities make it a suitable replacement, ensuring that organizations can continue managing their content with minimal disruption.

Find out more about how we can help you make the transition with one of our two products:
OAN Business Docs | OAN UX for Business Docs

Our OAN Vendor onboarding & maintenance application provides a workspace where people, process and technology come together. Technology is used to build a process that balances automation with data quality control which empowers people to focus their efforts on the areas which require attention and improvement.

Supplier Management
Order Management Automation

The oAppsNET Order Management application provides a workspace where people, processes, and technology come together. Cutting-edge technology is used to greatly simplify and automate mundane tasks so that the Customer Service team can better focus their time on value-added activities that will increase their customer engagement.

OAN Content Management for EBS is natively integrates into Oracle EBS via the toolbar, EBS metadata is automatically capture for the end user, simple methods to attachment documents such as “drag and drop”, upload multiple documents in a single step, and easily access the documents from the ERP or content repository.

Content Management

oAppsNET orchestrates invoice-to-payment processes, integrating with Corpay for efficient vendor payments in 145 currencies, diverse payment options, banking integration, and enhanced fraud protection

Maximize Your ERP’s Potential with Oracle APEX Extensions

Unlock the full potential of your Oracle ERP system with custom extensions built using Oracle APEX. Our expert team can help you create secure, flexible, and user-friendly solutions that seamlessly integrate with your existing EBS or Fusion setup. Streamline processes, enhance data integrity, and boost productivity with tailored APEX applications.


oAppsNET Group, an Oracle Partner specializing in financial business solutions, offers the OAN DocuSign® Portal. This platform integrates seamlessly with Oracle ERP, providing pre-configured document management workflows and advanced approval routing. Enhance your document management without ERP upgrades. Benefits include predefined workflows, inter-departmental collaboration, audit support, and robust reporting capabilities.

Discover powerful insights with oAppsNET’s WFR Reporting application, seamlessly integrated with Oracle WebCenter Forms Recognition. Enhance your AP processes with comprehensive reports on system performance, invoice statuses, and field and vendor analysis. Built using Oracle APEX, this tool is free for Oracle customers.


oAppsNet Group is a certified Oracle partner integrating our unique skills with Oracle technology to deliver successful outcomes for you our customers. Our collective objective is to help you reduce risk, reduce cost, and ensure the delivered solution achieves the intended and desired business outcome that meets your satisfaction.

We understand that making these types of decisions take time and a lot of resource planning. Talk to us to find out if you qualify for an AP Automation Pre-Health Check.

ERP for Enterprises. The right automation solution!

Does your business require a more robust way to manage its resources, procurement, internal processes, and data? Then an ERP implementation is the solution for you. At oAppsNet it is our main goal to help you and your business feel at ease when it comes to essential enterprise resource planning and business software enablement.

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